Friday, 13 September 2013


A first for Brighton - I styled, staged and produced 4 flash mob fashion shows taking Brighton by storm on Saturday 31st August.

The day began with rehearsing 6 models the routine at the Thistle Hotel, Brighton.  At 2pm we all went to Joules in East Street for the models to change into their outfits.  Jonno and Rich from Fickle Events had the speakers and mike all in place outside the shop.  Once everyone was ready and the taxis were clear, the music - Dancing in the Streets - played out and the models came out of Joules and modelled the outfits to a huge crowd of people who had stopped to watch.
Jordan modelling Joules outfit

Elle modelling Joules outfit

After Joules the models returned into the shop to change and go to Porta and Storm in Bond Street.  The models changed while Jonno and Rich reset the music and were then adorned with all types of bags, jewellery and watches. Once everyone was ready the models burst out of the shops and performed the routine again to the excited crowds.

Models showing Porta and Storm

Elle for Porta and Storm
Once the models had changed out of the accessories the next stop was Links of London in East Street. The girls changed into black dresses and heels and the boys into black trousers and waistcoats.  The Links staff gave the models necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches and the girls all had a Links bag to show off.  The routine was performed to Cee Lo Green's Bigger City Bright Lights, a more sophisticated tune for the brand.

Justin modelling for Links of London

Laura showing Links of London

The final flash mob show was in the foyer of the Thistle Hotel much to the amusement of the guests and staff.

The day was a great success for the shops and The Argus newspaper featured the event on the front page of their business section.

Thanks to all the models, Jayne Read for the makeup, Fickle Events and Larry Bray for the photos.