Monday, 11 January 2016

Christmas Gifts - useful or unwanted?


Christmas was a couple of weeks ago, how were your gifts accepted? Did you receive any that were 'holes in the head'?

Nowadays it is so easy to buy on line and we all have such personal tastes that buying gifts for our friends and family is getting so hard as everyone has so much.

It is lovely to come up with the perfect surprise gift for your partner, friend or family but it is difficult.

A perfect present is one that is totally relevant, a surprise and it must fit in with the persons lifestyle and tastes and either be practical and useful or flippant and an indulgent.  The gift must be wrapped and presented beautifully. 

Giving useful gifts

If the person does not give any 'hints' think about their hobbies, their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes.  Think outside the box 
- if they are foodie people, go into a cook shop and buy something in keeping with their tastes, something they would not buy themselves.  Give a gift voucher for their favourite restaurant.  

If you are giving theatre/concert tickets or a night away do make some enquires to make sure the date is free.

If buying clothes or shoes do be sure to buy the right size as buying something too big or too small will not go down well!

Even the most practical person likes to be flippant and would appreciate a pamper session or be indulged in some other way.

Keep away from giving perfumes, cosmetics, creams and lotions UNLESS you know the person uses the brand.  Perfumes and cosmetics are very personal and you need to know that the person does not have allergies.

Really unless socks are needed by a person - they are not a very 'exciting' present!

Unwanted presents

It is very tempting to wrap and regift a present.  You must be so careful that you do not give back to the person who gave it to you!  

I am all for decluttering so to pass on unwanted gifts to a charity is ideal as the present will find its way to someone who can use it and at the same time raise some money for the charity.

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